The Why

Del Sol was born from the desire to share our experiences road tripping and enjoying the lands that make up the West Coast of North America. We believe that humans were made to explore, learn, connect with others and that the West is still wild. These lands are filled with opportunity.

Our Experience

Prior to building Del Sol, we’ve spent time in the hospitality, outdoor, technology and construction industries. Working in these practices have provided us with unique skill sets that have allowed us to build a finely tuned operation that’s in the business of creating exceptional experiences for our guests.

The Mission

Our mission is to help you make memories that last a lifetime by providing you with the optimal vehicle and gear for an unforgettable adventure on the road.

We hope to share our campervans with you soon.


We’re a company that benefits from the wild beauty that nature has graciously provided us. This, among another lengthy list of reasons, is why it is our duty to protect the mountains, oceans, deserts, and waves, that have positively contributed to our lives. 1% For the Planet.